Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tough day on Clear Creek

Today was a short afternoon of fishing up on Clear Creek.  I fished down low in the canyon and started the day throwing an Amy's Ant.  The water was still a little high and stained so I thought the big bugs would work best.  That being said I still fished the edges and the shallower and clearer water.  The day yields four fish in about three hours of fishing before I call it a day and head back home.  Not the best day of fishing but still great to get out and on the water.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Amy's Ant

Great day on South Boulder Creek

After a couple days on Clear Creek I wanted to change things up a bit and headed to South Boulder Creek below Gross Res. for the day.  The fly of the day ended up being a big extended body green drake.  I tried a number of patterns but the only one that got consistent action was the green drake.

I start up high and work my way downstream over the coarse of the day.  First spot I try I catch a little rainbow and have another hooked but eventually got off.  This seemed to be the theme of the day with at least one fish hooked and off for every fish caught.  In a odd turn, I caught only Rainbow Trout for the day, which never happens.  By the end of the day I have caught around ten fish and had at least that many or more hooked that got off. 

Had a great day of weather again and the creek was fairly empty of other anglers to make for another great day of fishing.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Level Line 12' #4
Fly That Worked:  Extended Body Green Drake

Back on Clear Creek

I had such a good day on Clear Creek yesterday that I decided to head back up in hopes of another great day.  I start at the same spot but then work my way downstream to a couple of new spots over the coarse of the day.  I start with a para-hopper but end up loosing the two I had to the trees early in the day.  After trying a couple different patterns I land on a bwo to finish off the fishing.

After catching a fish on the first cast, the day slowed down considerably.  I think most of it had to do with the fact that I was not throwing a para-hopper which I knew the fish would take and throwing a bwo which just did not bring the same kind of action.  That being said I still manage to catch a dozen fish and ended the day with a small rainstorm and a rainbow to follow.
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  12' Level Line #4
Fly That Worked:  BWO

Clear Creek and a hopper

Headed up high on Clear Creek to try my luck for the afternoon, landing near Empire for the first stop.  I walk downstream a ways and then fish my way back up.  I takes me a few tries with different patterns before I finally find one that works, and then I was off to the races.  After tying on the para-hopper I am into fish at almost every spot. 

Over the next few hours I hit every edge, plunge pool, run, and slack water to be found and catch a couple dozen fish by the end.  Ended up having great weather all day and other than getting my furled line frayed it was pretty much a perfect day.

Rod: Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 10 1/2', Level Line 12' #4
Fly that Worked:  Olive Para-Hopper

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Late afternoon on Clear Creek

Finally got a nice sunny day to fish and I decide to head up to Clear Creek.  The only problem was that I didn't get to the creek until 4pm and it's the weekend so the creek is extremely busy.  Despite this I manage to find a few spots to myself and do a little fishing until dark.
I start low in the canyon and find a spot where the water is moving a little faster than I would have preferred.  No matter, as I am fishing the edges with a Amy's Ant.  Every slack water pool on the side I try getting a sniff here and a bite there but can't seem to get a fish in. 

I move upstream to another spot and keep my efforts on the edges.  Finally I start getting some fish to take the fly and land five over the next hour or so. None of the fish were very big but it was still nice to get the little ones to take the Amy's Ant.  I take a little break and decide to drive upstream to tunnel six and finish the day off.

I start casting to the first area I come across and hook a fish but it shakes loose seconds later.  I keep casting through this area and get a couple more sniffs but no takers.  I change up flies a few times but still can't get the fish to do anything but sniff it before changing back to the Amy's Ant.  I work upstream and get a few bites but can't land a fish.  Finally I wade out to the middle and hit a far side pool and get a fish to take the fly.  Sixth and last fish of the day ended up being a nice 10" brown that sipped the Amy's Ant in on a dead drift.

I keep fishing until dark but no more fish were to be had.  Best weather I have fished in probably a month.  Love when it's sunny and not windy!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 10'
Fly That Worked:  Amy's Ant

Eleven Mile Canyon in the rain

Headed down to Eleven Mile Canyon for the day hoping the rains would stay away.  I get to the river around 10:30am and start at a new spot before finishing the day at an old favorite.  I only get about a half hour of dry skies at the beginning of the day before the rains come and stay for the rest of the day.  That being said, I fished for about eight hours, all on two dries, a amy's ant and a pale morning dun. 
I find a new spot to fish and as I come upon the stream I notice a nice little pool behind a rock.  I have a Amy's Ant on to start and third cast in and I have landed a nice little rainbow.  I work upstream a little and catch one more rainbow on the Amy's Ant before switching up to a PMD.  I work a number of holes and pull out three more fish before taking a little break and driving upstream.

I end up driving to an old favorite and working upstream to start off.  Same as before I catch a fish on my third cast in and have a nice size brown in the net.  Over the next couple hours I manage to land a half dozen or so fish on a PMD before taking another little break before I start working downstream from the car.
I keep working the edges and am getting some action but the fish keep coming off or just sniffing the fly.  I work myself to the bottom of the area and start working my way back up over the next hour or so.  With the rain still going strong and bugs still hatching I keep at it with the PMD and start landing some fish.  By the time I make it back to the car I have landed another five or so and had a couple more hooked.
I end the day around 7pm with a pretty good day of dry fly fishing in the books.  Still can't believe it rained from 11am to 7pm!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line: Furled 10'
Flies that Worked:  Amy's Ant, PMD

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainy afternoon on the South Platte

Mark and I decide to hit the South Platte River for the afternoon hoping the rains would push most of the people off the river.  Unfortunately that was not the case and the river was packed full of other anglers and the rafters were in full swing.  We drive around trying to find an open spot after our first couple of choices were already being fished.
We find a open spot and I tie on a Amy's Ant to a PMD before I start working the edges.  After an hour or so with no luck, our tough day gets a little tougher as a hail storm passes over.  We wait out the hail and get back on the water after it passes.  With the water a little high I manage to work out into the middle to fish the far edge.  After a few casts I see a fish feed on the surface under a little bush.  First cast to it and a nice brown sips in the PMD and the battle is on.  After a good fight and a little help from Mark netting it, I have the first fish of the day.  Using my bigger rod was probably the best decision of the day being that this brown was a 16" pig.  I keep fishing from the middle and get a giant of  a fish to take the PMD.  I pull back and hook it, but almost immediately the fish runs and snaps off the 6x tippet I was using.  Almost in tears over that dumb mistake because that would have been the biggest fish I had caught ever.
I take a little break and watch Mark fish the far bank for a while.  We try a couple more spots with no luck before calling it a day with just the one fish caught.  That being said, it was a great fish for a one fish day.  Not my best day of fishing but still had a great time on the water with a buddy.
Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that Worked:  PMD

Pond fishing before finishing on the Arkansas

Today's plan was to fish the ponds just outside my campsite before heading to the Arkansas River to try my luck at some bigger fish.  I start the day around 10am and head over to the ponds with a green drake still on the rod.
This time it takes two casts before I have my first brookie of the day.  I decide to work my way through the big pond before I find a couple more smaller ponds to try.  Catching a number of brookies in all the ponds over the next couple hours, I decide I have caught enough and head back to the car to head down to the Arkansas.

I drive down to the bottom part of Hayden Meadows at Kobe while the rains come over and wait out the storm before finding a spot to fish.  First spot gives up two pretty good size browns before I get sandwiched between some other anglers and pick up to find a new spot.  I drive a little further downstream and find a spot to myself.  I wade out to the middle of the river and start working the edges on both sides.  Over the next couple hours I manage to land a half dozen browns all in the 15" range before another storm passes over.  While I head back to the car to wait out the thunderstorm I decide to drive to the top of Hayden Meadows and see if I can catch a couple more.  I fish the upper meadows for about an hour with no luck before I call it a day.

I head back to camp to pack up before the next thunderstorm rolls in and head home with a great couple of days fishing in the books.  Nothing better than catching some good size fish on big dries!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that worked:  Green Drake

Pretty good afternoon back at Halfmoon Creek

Headed back up to Halfmoon Creek for the third week in a row with the plan of fishing the creek the first day and finishing off the trip fishing the Arkansas River.  Per my normal routine I arrive at the creek and set up camp before getting to the water around 3pm.

I get to the creek and decide to hit the ponds just to the side first to see what I can get.  First cast in and I land a nice 10" brookie to start the day off.  I work my way to a couple different spots on the pond and catch a couple more before I see a number of fish feeding on the far side of the pond and work myself over to it.  Changing flies a couple times while casting to this same area, I manage to land four more little brookies before I head back to the creek.
The rest of the day I spend working downstream catching a fish here and there before working myself back to camp.  I finish the day around 8pm with plenty of fish landed on both the creek and the pond before making back to camp.  The fly of the day turned out to be a big Green Drake which they could not resist.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Green Drake

Monday, July 28, 2014

A few hours and four fish on Clear Creek

Decided to head up to Clear Creek for the afternoon to try my luck.  The creek was still running high and a little stained forcing me to fish the near edge and slack water.  I find a spot below Huntsman Gulch and start working my way upstream hitting the near bank.  I takes some effort but I manage to catch four little browns on the green drake before a couple of other anglers jump in on me.
With this stretch getting overrun I decide to pick up and try some other spots upstream.  I fish for another hour or so with no luck before calling it a day and heading back to the car.  Not a great day of fishing but still good to get out and catch some fish.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that worked:  Green Drake

Another good day on Halfmoon Creek

Second day of the camping trip up to Halfmoon Creek and today I decide to walk downstream for the first half of the day and spend the back half working my way back up to the campsite.  The hope of the day is to catch a cutthroat, rainbow, brown, and brookie to get the grand slam.

Over the coarse of the day I manage to land a number of brookies. browns, and rainbows but can't seem to find a cutthroat.  That being said, I still had a fantastic day of fishing and did not see another fisherman on the water.  When it is all said and done I have caught a couple dozen fish and finished off the two day trip with an almost perfect fishing day in the books.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that worked:  Green Drake, Amy's Ant

Back to Halfmoon Creek

One week later and I am back at Halfmoon Creek to do a couple more days of fishing.  Just as before I arrive at the creek early afternoon and set up camp and then get ready to fish.  It's 3pm before I hit the creek and decide to work my way upstream for the afternoon.

I tie on a Green Drake and start casting towards the edges.  Not three casts in and I have my first fish of the day, a nice little brookie.  I continue upstream picking up a fish it seems like in every other hole.  By the end of the day I have caught Rainbow, Brown, and Brookies totaling over a dozen fish and had another great day of fishing.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that worked:  Green Drake

Windy day on the water

Once again I have got a little lazy and it's been a couple weeks since this day happened.  This was the second day in a row of fishing Halfmoon Creek and I had the creek almost entirely to myself.  I decided to work upstream for the first half of the day and then finish off the day by working my way downstream.
The day was a little windy making the casting to the edges tough.  That being said I had another great day and caught fish throughout the day.  The two patterns I stuck with all day were a green Amy's Ant and a big Green Drake.

Good day of fishing on one of my favorite creeks!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that Worked:  Amy's Ant, Green Drake