About me

                                                                     KEVIN FRICKE

I have loved being in the outdoors my whole life and have been actively hiking and backpacking since 1998.  I live in Denver, Colorado and get out as much as I can, traveling all over Colorado and the surrounding states and numerous trips out to California.

I had never fly fished before March, 2011 but had wanted to try it for years.  After my brother told me about this compact and simple style of fly fishing called Tenkara I was sold.  With a few pointers from friends to get me started, I have tried to get out as much as possible in a state that has an unlimited supply of areas to fish.

My blog is more of a journal of every day I fish from the beginning, chronicling what flies I use to what fish I caught to where I caught them. 

...It has been seven years of fishing exclusively Tenkara and have grown to love fishing!  My goal with each coming year is to get out and fish new places and have more days on the water than the last year.