Day 63

First day of fishing for the year, and Derron Mark and I go down to the Arkansas River below Pueblo Reservoir to fish the tailwaters on a beautiful 65 degree day with almost no wind.  We start fishing around 11:00am below the bridge and work our way down.

I see an area where the fish are feeding on the surface and head over.  I see a couple of fish feeding in front of me and cast over them with no luck.  I change up flies three or four times and still no luck, so I move on and try a few other spots.  After walking downstream a mile or so with no luck I head back upstream and try a few more spots.  After five hours and still no fish we call it a day around 4:00pm.

While Derron and I did not catch anything, Mark managed to land a couple of good sized Rainbows on his nymph rig setup.  I did take my camera out a few times to take some pictures to make the most of a tough day of fishing( As crowded a fishing day as I have ever had, somebody at every hole almost).

Rod:  12' Iwana
Line:  10 1/2' Traditional Tenkara line
Flies that worked:  Black beauty(nymph)


  1. Man, no luck for me this year yet either. Did you try fishing any wet flies or only dry? Hey, I really hope you post about your visit to the FF show! Dax


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