Akansas River Winter 2013

Had a glorious day to fish and decided to go down to the Arkansas River in Pueblo with my brother today.  We arrived around 10am with another six or so fisherman in the parking lot, which just prepared us for a busy day on the water.

We started the day at the lower parking lot and walked downstream.  We both started the day nymphing but were having no luck.  We finally see someone catch a fish and change up our rig after asking what they were biting on.  We are both throwing a egg to a pheasant tail but still can't a bite.  After about three hours of nothing we decide to try farther upstream and drive up close to the dam.

I try a couple of areas with no luck and decide to try some dry fly fishing.  I switch to a couple of different midge patterns and still can get no action.  I walk a little further downstream and find a couple of pools to try.  I put on a green/rust wooly bugger and cast through the pools with no luck.  After a few more minutes of the same I decide to find Derron and see how he is doing.

As I walk up Derron informs me he has caught 4 fish and had another couple get off.  Much to my surprise he is using a wooly bugger and a lot of weight to get the fly down to the fish.  I put on a couple of split shot and cast back into the deep pool.  First cast in and I get a nibble, second cast in I snag a branch, third cast in I catch a nice 12" rainbow to get on the board.

By this time it's late in the day and we decide to call it quits with a tough day of fishing in the books.  Still nice to get out on a beautiful day and do some fishing with my bro.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  14' Hi - Vis Level Line #4
Fly that worked:  rust/olive wooly bugger