South Boulder Creek in December

Had a beautiful day off and decided to head up to South Boulder Creek for a day of fishing.  The weather could not have been better with temps in the mid 50's and almost no wind.  I got to the creek around 10:30am and tied on a orange egg to a mysis shrimp pattern to start the day.

I start the day at a spot not to far from the trailhead and find a couple little slack water areas to cast to.  Second cast in and I have hooked a rainbow on the mysis, which quickly proceeds to shake itself loose.  I move on and cast through a couple more pools with no luck before picking up and walking further downstream.  The river was busy and finding a spot to fish took some doing on the top portion of the river.  I finally find a spot I like and manage to hook a couple more fish, but they too shake themselves loose before I can get them in.  Then I finally manage to hook and land a 10" rainbow for my first fish of the day on the egg.

I pick up again and decide to walk quite a ways downstream, going past the bridge and past a few more anglers until I get to a section where it looks like I have the river to myself.  I scramble down the hill and work my way to the center of the creek.  I find a shallow slack water area on the far side to cast to as I am hiding behind a big fallen tree.  Couple casts in and I have landed another rainbow, and then another out of the same hole.  I move just upstream and cast to a run right buy a huge boulder.  Once again a couple casts in and I have landed a nice 12" rainbow.  I continue to work my way upstream landing a few more rainbows before I get to a spot with some deeper pools.  This time when I see the line move and pull back I have hooked my first brown of the day.  I continue to cast through the deep pools landing a couple more browns and hooking a couple more that beak me off by going under some logs.

After the last fish I hook breaks me off I decide to call it a day around 2:00pm and head back to the car with a smile on my face.  This ended up being my best day of winter fishing I have ever had, and all the fish on eggs and nymphs.  I would never have thought I would catch this many fish while fishing in a style I rarely do.
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating line 12'
Flies that worked:  Orange Egg, Mysis Shrimp, Purple LeBug