South Boulder Creek skunking

Headed up to South Boulder Creek on a chilly and windy Wednesday to try my luck again.  I tied on a Egg to a Le Bug to start the day and headed downstream.  I was the only car at the parking lot so I had the creek to myself.  With that being said I fished a number of the holes close to the car figuring that had not been touched yet.  To my surprise I did not get a bite in any of the big holes where My buddy caught fish the last time I was here.  I get to a couple of spots where I can see a fish in the water and cast over it.  Both times the fish makes no movement at all to my flies and I can not figure out what they want.  I switch up flies a couple more times and still cannot get a bite.

I decide to take a little break and take some pictures of the ice formations that have formed on the river.  Amazed how many cool and different formations have formed in one little cascade section of the creek.  With the wind kicking up I decide to call it a day early and head back to the car with no fish for the day.  Still good to be out and fishing in Febuary!

Rod: Iwana 12'
Line: Riggs Floating Line 12'
Fly that worked:  None for me today


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