A pretty good no fish day

Had another day off and I decided to try out Clear Creek for the first time this year.  I start the day around 10:30am at a nice sunny pullout section of the canyon.  The water was stained from the snow melt but there was no ice at all on the creek.  I start at the bottom of the section and work my way up using an egg to any number of different nymphs.  As I start casting the wind decides to pick up, and I can tell it going to be a tough day of casting.  I manage to get a few good casts in, but not before a few bad casts probably spook the fish, because I get no action at all through the entire section.  With the wind still gusting I decide to head back to the car and try Bear Creek to see if it's a little less windy.

I get to Lair the Bear and snow on the ground but the creek is ice free.  Still casting the same setup, I start right where the trail hits the water.  I cast through a far side run a few times when I finaaly get some action.  I get a bite but it shakes loose almost immediately.  So disappointed.  I continue to work my way upstream relearning the creek since the floods last year reshaped the whole area.  I see a few fish get spooked out by me but nothing will take what I'm throwing.  With the water being very clear and low I figured the fish would be in the deeper pools, but even targeting those areas will multiple flies I get no action the rest of the day.  I head back downstream to where I got the bite and see fish rising to a hatch.  I tie on four or five different small dries from midges to bwo's but can't get a bite.  After ten minutes and no action I decide to call it a day and head back to the car.

Despite the no fish day, I really had a pretty good day in the foothills of Colorado.  Reminded me of when I used to just walk around and take pictures, except I forgot my camera today.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  None