Arkansas River with Mark

We start the day with a drive down to the Arkansas River west of Canon City and stop at Texas Creek to start the day.  I work upstream while Mark heads downstream with the plan of meeting back up later.  I work myself above the island catching ten fish before heading back downstream to meet Mark.  Sadly Mark did not have any luck in the same time.  We switch it up and I catch a couple more before we decide to try another spot to finish the day.

We stop at a set of islands to finish the day off.  We split up and fish opposite sides of the islands and meet up at the top.  I take the near side and Mark the far side.  By the time we meet up we have both caught around ten fish and decide to call it a day.
Great day on the river with a buddy!
Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Level Line 12'
Flies That Worked:  Amy's Ant, Para-Hopper