South St Vrain Creek on the 4th

Fourth of July and nothing to do, so I headed up to the Indian Peaks Wilderness to spend the day.  I start the day fishing between Brainard Lake and Long Lake and manage to catch a couple.  Normally I would just walk by Long Lake but today I decided to fish the near side as I walked.  I pick up one pretty quickly and have a really nice size fish go for the Amy's Ant but I pulled it out of it's mouth.  I walk a little more up the shoreline to a spot where I can see some fish feeding.  I tie on a bwo and start twitching it across the surface and pull out six more fish, all in the 8" range.  I walk the trail up a ways before cutting back over to the creek above Long Lake to finish the day.  I get nothing until I get to the very top of the meadow where using the same technique as on the lake I get five more little brookies.  Spent all day in the mountains and caught some fish for a pretty good 4th!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that Worked:  BWO, Amy's Ant


  1. Way to take advantage of the holiday weekend. Sorrow for those of us who just laid low to stay out of the line of fire...............

    1. I did this as a day hike to get out of the chaos of the city.


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