Eleven Mile Canyon

Went down to Eleven Mile canyon for the day to see how the winter fishing was.  The weather was beautiful and in the sixties with the water clear and flowing around 75cfs.  I start the day at the bridge spot and work my way up the entire section below and above the bridge catching one below and three above.  They were split evenly between a RS2 and a red Amy's Ant.  I move spots for the second part of the day to another section I have fished before hoping for continued good luck.  Sadly no fish were to be had despite a couple of bites.  With the fishing slowing down I decide to finish the day off taking some pictures with the nicer camera.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Woven 12'
Flies that Worked:  RS2(olive), Amy's Ant(red)