Clear Creek

Headed up to Clear Creek even though the weather forecast was for a high of 48 degrees.  It was supposed to be sunny but the clouds were out in force.  My first stop is a spot up by Dumont that I have fished many times.  I tie on a zebra midge behind the Amy's Ant and start my day.  Second hole I try and I hook into a little fish, that sadly gets off.  I work upstream to a larger hole and get a couple little browns on the zebra midge to start the day.  I work back up to the cat and catch three more before heading to the next spot.  After getting broke off by a fish I change the back fly to a two bit hooker and start working upstream.  This section gives up one rainbow the entire stretch and with my hands and feet frozen I call it a day.

Rod:  Tenkara USA Hane 11'
Line:  Tenkara Pyrenees Woven 11'
Fly that Worked:  Zebra Midge(black)