First day of Fishing for 2014

Today was a day of hopes, as in "I hoped things would have been better".   I started the morning out just fine, getting up when I wanted and out the door when I wanted.  Unfortunately the traffic I hoped would be gone was backed up because of an accident on the highway and getting to the creek took a little longer than expected.
So as I pull up the creek I can tell the wind is blowing pretty good but hope inside the trees of the canyon the wind won't be so bad.  Walking out into the creek, my hopes get crushed again, it is windy!  I start to fish anyway using the same setup as last time, egg to a white le bug,  and can tell casting is going to be a challenge.   I cast through the same pool to start as I did last time, hoping to hook a fish again.  Denied, so I try a couple more pools but still no action.  I decide to pick up and walk way downstream and try the section that produced some fish for me last time.

I get to the good section and work my way into position hoping it will produce like last time.  I cast through the run and pool where I caught a few last week and after a few casts I land my first fish of the day.  A nice little rainbow that took the egg.  I continue casting through the area and manage to get a brown on the egg, and a rainbow on the le bug.  This area gave up three to me which considering my casting in the wind, was probably the only thing close to as I hoped.
I move upstream by wading through the creek trying to get to an area with a few big pools created by some logs and large boulders.  As I get to a point where I have to cross the creek, like always I try to find the shallowest point.  I think I have found a good route, when first step into a little faster section and I miss judge the step.   Splash! Down goes Frazier!  I end up dunking my whole left side into the creek before pulling myself up and drying off on a boulder in the sun.  I dry off and cast through a few more sections as I work my way back to the car.  I manage to hook into a little rainbow but it shakes loose as it goes over some falls.

With that, I call it a day and head back to the car hoping I will dry off on the way.  Well the day wasn't what I hoped, but it will still a good day out on the water catching a few fish in a beautiful canyon on a warm, sunny, January day in Colorado.  As far as the self dunking goes, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.  Plus If you had seen it, I'm sure you would have laughed.

Here is to hoping the next day of fishing is a little kinder!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Orange Egg, White Le Bug,