South Boulder Creek with my buddy

My buddy Mark had the day off so we decided to try our luck on South Boulder Creek.  The temperature was in the low 40's with just a bit of wind and partial cloud cover.  The creek was running around 100 cfs and pretty clear.  We both decide to tie on a Egg and Mysis shrimp for our set ups to start the day and head down to the creek.

We start fishing near the top and work our way down throughout the morning.  Each of us end up hooking a few fish early, all 10" or less but still nice to have the action.  Somewhere around noon we decided to walk downstream a ways and try some new water.  Mark continued to catch fish, all on the Egg, while My action slowed to a trickle.  For the entire day we were both throwing the same rig but for whatever reason Mark was catching all his fish on the Egg, while I caught everyone of my fish on the Mysis.

We fish until around 2:30pm and start our walk back to the car hitting a couple spots along the way.   We finish the day with Mark landing twice as many fish as myself, but still had a great day of fishing with a buddy.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies That Worked:  Orange Egg, Mysis Shrimp