Beautiful Day on the Blue

Once again I had a beautiful day to go fishing so I headed back up to the Blue River.  I was hoping that on a Thursday the river would not be crowded but I couldn't have been more wrong.  Because of the glorious weather the river was packed below the dam so I tried a spot through town which thankfully was empty.

I start the day with a mysis to a red midge( size 22 ) after reading some reports on the river.  After about five minutes of fishing I hook into a nice size rainbow on the red midge but after fighting it for a minute or so it snaps off.  Come to find out that the hook on the mysis snapped not the line.  Sadly that was my only red midge so I switched to a mysis to a black beauty with a red back.

I start working my way upstream and manage to catch two good sized rainbows( 16" and 18" ) on the edges in the really slow water, both on the black beauty.  By this point it's been a couple hours and I run into another angler so I decide to hit the fly shop and get a couple red midges before heading back downstream again.

I start a little further downstream than the first time and can see a big rainbow swimming.  I cast over it a few times with no luck. The fish moves and I cast a little closer to a big rock it's near and it finally takes the red midge I tied back on.  After a good fight I finally land another 18" rainbow to finish the day.

Great day on the river for a little solo fishing!  Sadly forgot my cameras and my phone died after 3 pictures.

Rod:  Unagi 7/3
Line:  Nymphing Line 12'
Fly that Worked:  Red Midge, Black Beauty(red back),