Fantastic day on the Blue

Headed up to the Blue River with my buddies Mark, Daniel and his boy Wesley for the day after hearing the fishing was on fire.  We arrived at the river around 11am to a fairly crowded section of the river.  With the weather sunny and warm Mark picked a spot up high while Daniel, Wes and I headed downstream a ways to a more open section of the water.

I tell Daniel I am going to walk downstream a ways and cross to fish the far side.  Right where I decide to cross there is a slack water section on the near side, so I decide to cast.  First cast and I get a 11" brown trout on the mysis I tied on.  We fish for a bit longer with no action before we head upstream to find Mark. 
I jump into a spot a little upstream that looks good before I see Mark and manage to hook into a good size rainbow but as I hand lined it in, it snapped me off when I got to the tippet.  I keep working my way upstream and find a hole with at least three fish in it.  I cast a big mysis over a couple of fish but they won't bite, so I put on a smaller mysis and couple casts in I hook into a big one.  The fish pulls me downstream fifty feet before I can play him out a little and start trying to get him in.  I take my time as I can now see this is a BIG fish and get my net ready as I slowly hand line him closer.  I finally get the net on him but he doesn't fit and keeps flipping out.  A couple pictures and a good release finishes off my biggest fish to date, 20 inches and thick. 
I take a little break and then find a another spot upstream to try.  After a few casts I hook into another Rainbow and work it into the net.  This one was quite a bit smaller but still 15".  Three fish in and I decide to take another break and watch Mark fish for a bit.  It gets to around 3pm and we decide to call it a day and head up to Breckenridge to look at the snow sculptures.

The snow sculptures were cool and a great way to finish off a fantastic day of fishing!

Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  Riggs nymphing line 12'
Fly that Worked:  Mysis Shrimp