A day in Poudre Canyon

Headed up the Poudre Canyon with Mark for the day.  We had hoped to get up to Joe Wright Res. early but traffic held us up and it was 11am before we got to the water.  We fish a spot a little farther up from the inlet than last time and I manage to catch a 12" Grayling on an Amy's Ant after about 10 minutes.  We continue to fish with no luck, when we decide to try fishing the inlet.  We get to the inlet and it's packed with people so we walk to the far side of the lake and find a spot to ourselves.  After fishing for a while with no action we call it a day for the reservoir and head down canyon.

We stop at a pullout and fish a portion of Joe Wright Creek that was new to us.  Still throwing an Amy's Ant I manage to catch a couple brookies, rainbows and cutthroats before we call it at this stop and head downstream.
Our next few stops are all on the Cache La Poudre river itself.  We try a couple new spots high up before we finish at Mark's favorite spot.  I manage to catch a few fish at the first couple spots including a brown for the slam before we finish up at the normal spot.  We fish through the first couple islands and both of us are finally catching fish.  I finish with another 8 fish caught while Mark pulls in half a dozen.  On a side note I switched from a green to a red Amy's Ant at the last stop.
Great day of fishing Poudre Canyon with a buddy!
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Amy's Ant