Blue River

Fished below Green Mountain Res. on the Blue River with Derron and Mark for a chance to get into some big fish.  So I hook into a big fish just above a dead fall tree sitting in the water and can tell this is going to be a battle.  I can't get him in before he starts heading downstream towards the tree but manage to get him around the tree.  As I get out into the waist deep water I stumble and face plant myself in the water but still have the fish on.  I manage to get back to my feet and start fighting him again in a slack water area before another dead fall tree in the water.  Once again the fish heads out around the tree where I follow him again but then it takes off downstream and pulls the hook out.  I get out of the water completely drenched but with my best non-catch story to date.  End of a fun day on the Blue!

Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  Furled: 12'
Fly That Worked:  Amy's Ant