Boulder Creek

Headed up to Boulder Creek for a few hours to see what 87cfs looks like.  The water was still running a little high but the clarity wasn't bad.  I fish at a pullout below the falls, so I still had the added flows from that.  I put on a green Amy's Ant and get a fish in the third spot I try.  Working my way upstream for the next couple hours I manage to catch twenty before running into some kids playing in the water.  One cool thing for the day was when two fish hit my double Amy's Ant rig setup at the same time.  One shook off to miss the doubles, but still was pretty cool.  I make that my end point for the day and head back to the car to get the camera and take some pictures to finish off the day.

Rod:  Tenkara USA Iwana 12'
Line:  Tenkara Pyrenees Woven 12'
Fly That Worked:  Amy's Ant


  1. Life is so much easier when you only use one fly. Heading up there tomorrow.

    1. Agreed. But having two fish strike at once was pretty cool.


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