Day 74

What a day, what a day!  Derron and I decided to go the Blue River below Dillon Dam for the day after Derron and Mark had an unbelievable time the previous day.  Derron said they were catching 20" fish all day with no problem and promised we would have the same experience. 

We get up to Silverthorne around 11:00am and start fishing where we walk down.  Before I can get my flies tied on Derron has caught three fish, all between 17"-20" and I am just getting the right setup on the rod.  I can see some fish on the far side of the river and start casting my mysis shrimp and rs2 over there heads.  A slight twitch of the indicator and I have hooked into a big Rainbow.  With a good fight I finally land a nice 18" Rainbow to thick to hold in one hand! 

Over the course of five hours of fishing we both catch between 10 and 20 fish with most of them between 16"-22".  I caught all of mine on mysis shrimp and rs2's( foul hooked one with a hopper) while Derron used tiny emergers, wolly buggers, and mysis shrimp to catch his.

The lesson of the day was brought to a close when my rod tip got snapped in half.  Play the Fish More!  With all the small stream fishing I do I am used to being able to muscle the fish in and don't play the fish very much.  Well I found out that this does not work with big fish after being broke off twice early in the day and having the rod snapped at the end of the day.

To date the best single day of fishing I have had as far as size and numbers are concerned.  Just caught some MONSTERS today!

Rod:  Unagi 12' Universal Tenkara Rod
Line:  10 1/2' Traditional Tenkara line
Flies that worked:  Mysis Shrimp, RS2, Wolly bugger,