Cache la Poudre with Mark

Today Mark and I headed up to the Cache La Poudre River to try our luck throwing Amy's Ants.  We fish a couple different spots over the coarse of the day, one new, one old.  We have perfect weather for the day and end up putting in 6 or 7 hours on the water.

First spot of the day is an old favorite but this time we walk down to the bottom of the island as a starting point to work our way back upstream.  Before I can cross to the far side Mark has already picked up one.  He works up the near side and I take the far side.  We meet up at the top and compare numbers and Mark has been crushing it and picked up 13 while I have have managed to get 7.  We call it when we get back to the area where we parked and head to a new spot for Mark but an area I have recently been having great luck.

We arrive at the new spot and start fishing our way upstream.  Mark moves ahead of me a ways to give so room to fish while I walk downstream to widen the gap.  Almost immediately I start catching fish, by the time I catch back up to Mark I have caught 12 and Mark has pulled in another 4.  We get to a slow section in the river and decide to call it for the day.  Fantastic day of fishing for both of us and never had to switch patterns.
Rod: Ito 12'
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked: Amy's Ant


  1. Awesome blog Kevin. Your pics really give great info about what a stream looks like. Poudre is far from me but I'm dying to fish it at least once per year. Can you advise what flows are like in your pics here? I'm sure your trip was before the rains last week. The gauge at canyon mouth is like 600 and falling but what flow do you think I'd need to see at canyon mouth in order for the upper half above South fork to be pretty pocket water? Thank you!

    1. I think when we fished it on this day the flows were around 400cfs at the canyon mouth with the water pretty stained but hard to tell what the flows were where we fished above the south fork. Considerably less and the water was pretty clear. I would call St. Petes Fly shop and ask them.


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