Fantastic day on the Poudre

Headed up to the Cache LA Poudre River by myself to try my luck.  Had a beautiful day to fish with water that was low but had a little tint to it down low and gin clear up above the confluence with the South Fork.  With such nice weather I decided to start the day with an Amy's Ant.
First spot was and old favorite, except this time I walked down to the bottom end of the Island to start.  I work my way upstream on the inside stretch and start catching fish almost immediately.  I cast out into a nice pool and pull back to set the hook and Snap!  I hear the handle section of my rod break.  The hook is set and I grab the bottom section and pull in a nice 14" Brown.  Luckily I bring more than one rod with me and head back to the car to grab the spare.
New rod ready to go I head back to where I stopped and start fishing my way back upstream.  I manage to catch three more before I decide to pick up and find a new spot to fish.  Even with a broken rod in the mix a pretty good start to the day with seven to this point.

I drive upstream and stop at a pullout where I have never fished before.  I walk downstream a ways so I can fish back upstream.  This spot turned out great with a bunch of pools and pocket water scattered with boulders.  I switch from a red Amy's Ant to a green version and start working my way up.  I end up catching 13 more on this stretch before running into another fisherman above me.  Being late in the day I decide to call it and head back to the car.
Fantastic day on the water and nice to fish a new section of water.
Rod:  Iwana 12'(broke), Unagi 12' 7/3
Line: furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Amy's Ant