Hughes River day 4

Today was finally a fishing day and we spent all day walking up the river.  We start at our campsite and walk the river up for about three hours.  We our both on to fish right off the bat and this continues most of the day.  The river up this high was the perfect mix of plunge pools, runs, riffles and pockets that it as hard not to get on fish.  After we get up high enough that the river is getting closed in by the brush we decide to head back to camp for lunch.  After lunch I walk downstream a ways and fish back up towards camp.  I manage 7 more making it 14 for the day for me and Dax had an even 10.  Great way to finish off the fishing part of the trip.  Would come back here anytime!

Rod:  Tenkara USA Iwana 12'
Line:  Tenkara Pyrenees Woven 12'
Fly that Worked:  Amy's Ant


  1. Looks like a great time out east for you, what a change of scenery from what we have here in Colorado. Nonetheless, what camera(s) do you use, I noticed you mention a DSLR in some of your posts. Thanks.

    1. I use a Fujifilm X80 for the underwater shots and a Samsung NX3000 for other shots. I also have a Canon T2I(rebel).


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