Day 25

Spent the day at Bear Creek again, since it is still one of the only fishable creeks in the front range.  I Started at Little Park and worked my up throughout the day and then back down to the beaver ponds to finish the day.  It started off good by catching a little 6" brown in the first pool I tried but then became much tougher for the rest of the day.  After moving upstream through a number of spots with no luck I head up to the good spot and finally get another fish, a 8" brown.  A couple of hours go by with no more fish so I head down to the beaver ponds to finish the day off.  I can see fish feeding and just after sunset the bugs start hatching and the fish are really feeding now.  I try a few different elk hair caddis patterns and with no luck I tie on a PMD and finally get another fish to finish off the day, a 10" brown.
Throughout the day I must have hooked another six fish but couldn't get them in the net because of my poor method of bringing the fish in close enough to net.  Got to work on that! I also had a number of strikes that just didn't set the hook over the coarse of the day.  With that being said, what seemed like a tough day, was really not that bad.

To finish off what was a beautiful day I did get to see a deer come up to the creek about 20 feet away which was pretty cool.