Day 30

Decided to go camping for a couple of nights at Goose Creek and do some fishing.  Derron came up with me for the day and headed home around 7:00pm.  On this trip I was fishing with the Iwana 12' and the tenkara 10 1/2' traditonal line, no net, and big flies.

We started where the rocks swallow the stream just north of the old campsite and decided to work our way back downstream.  Sure enough, in the first pool each of tried we both caught a fish, each a little brookie.  With each new spot we tried the results were the same all day, fish on!  Between the two of us we caught over 20 fish each, and that's a low estimate.

We used mostly big flies(grasshoppers, ants, beetles, stimulators, flies) but also tried a few standards like BWO and parachute adams all with the same result, fish being caught.  I tried six or seven patterns and caught fish on every one.

Had a fantastic day in my favorite place to camp and now one of my favorites to fish!


  1. My go-to fly is the #14 black deer hair beetle, which I jokingly call the beetle kebari. Terrestrials almost always outfish other patterns.

    The Tenkara Ambassador


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