Day 33

Went up to Rocky Mountain National Park today and fished the North Saint Vrain Creek in the Wild Basin area with Derron Today.  We started just short of the trailhead at some beaver ponds where we saw a little activity in.  I was fishing a winged ant and Derron was fishing a grasshopper to start but were not having any luck.  After an hour or so of that with no luck we try to find the creek to see if we will have any better luck.  Another hour goes by with no luck and we decide to get out of this area and drive downstream by the entrance and try a spot next to the road.

At this point I am throwing a orange stimulator on the 10 1/2' traditional line on the Iwana.  I start at the first little pool I come across and after a few casts I land a 11"brown trout.  I proceed to the next hole and catch a little brook trout.  Next spot I try I pull out a little rainbow trout and am 3/4 the way to the grand slam, needing only a greenback cutthroat.  I move to another hole and catch, wait for it, a little brown trout again, damn!  While I caught four, Derron caught three in the last couple of hours of the day to make it a descent day of fishing at a new creek.

Overall a pretty good day and found some new water to fish in R.M.N.P.