Day 46

Derron and I tried a new spot today in R.M.N.P. , the roaring river above the falls.  It was about a half hour walk to get started with a pretty good hill to start.  We started at the low end of the valley and worked our way upstream about a mile and half.  Pocket water fishing was the name of the game and it started off good.  Within the first fifteen minutes I had caught one and had two more hooked, while Derron caught three in the same time.  Greenback cutthroats all, and some very good colors on them.  After fishing for about three and a half hours and catching three and hooking seven all together we call it a day and head back down with Derron catching five for the day to take honors.  Pretty good day at a new creek with my bro.

Rod:  Matsugo 9'
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Fly that worked:  Winged Ant