Day 78

Derron and I decided to go to Bear Creek for some late afternoon fishing.  The day was warm but overcast with a little breeze and the flow was around 17 cfs.  We got there around 3pm and fished for about four hours.

We started the day just upstream of the parking lot at he spot where I finished the day the last time I was here.  I tie on a bwo I tied myself and start casting.  I have no luck at my first spot so I  move downstream and after a few casts I have a bite but can't set the hook.  This happens two more times before we decide to walk downstream a ways and work our way back up to the parking lot.

Derron is the first on the board with a little brown trout within a few minutes of fishing in the new spot.  Meanwhile I have had two more bites but still can't set the hook, when finally I get a nice 11"rainbow trout to get me off the snide.  I take a little break and then find a nice little pool to fish to.  After many casts I finally hook a little brown trout and have my second fish of the day. 

As we work are way back upstream Derron catches two more little brown trout while don't catch anything until the very end of the day at the last spot I try.  I end up catching another little brown trout to make three for the day.  With the fishing being slow we decide we have had enough and call it a day. Another nice day out on the water.

Rod:  Motsugo 10'
Line:  3rd gen. Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked:  BWO, RS2 Olive(both tied by me)