Day 85

Spent the afternoon at Bear Creek today to try out some new flies I tied.  The weather was nice with a little breeze and the flows were at 11cfs.  I had tied different versions of a parachute adams, some in gray some in olive and a couple each in blue and chartreuse(bright green) all in size 20 and wanted to try them out to see what worked.

I start the day just up from the parking lot and catch a nice size brown within minutes of arriving on the chartreuse pattern.  After a few more casts with a couple of looks I get hung up in a tree and loose the fly.  I decide to move downstream a ways and try out the gray pattern.  After a couple of near hits I finally land one on the gray.  I keep casting to some other fish in the same area and after some effort I finally land another.  I switch up flies and tie on a olive pattern and cast in a near by run.  I can see a couple of fish feeding on the surface and finally get the right drift and land another fish.  I turn back to my original run and start casting to a few different fish I can see feeding.  Quite a few more casts and I finally land a another fish, a nice size rainbow that unfortunately I miss hooked.

During the the times when I wasn't catching fish I was losing flies in the trees and getting snagged on everything.  I must have ruined 10 holes by getting snagged on the first cast.  I also hooked another five fish throughout the day that I did not manage to land, a couple because I did not use a net for sure.

For the last part of the day I try my new favorite spot and tie on blue pattern to see what works.  After a few casts I land a little brown in some faster water.  I keep trying with the blue but don't have any luck so I try the chartreuse again.  A few more casts and another little brown landed.  I try a near by spot and have no luck with the chartreuse so I tie on a gray to finish the day.  With some effort I finally catch another little brown before the winds kick up and I decide to call it a day.

Overall a great three hours of fishing with the flies I tied! Couldn't be happier with my fly tying efforts.

Rod:  Motsugo 9'
Line:  3rd Gen Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked:  Parachute Adams in  Gray, Olive, Blue and Chartreuse(bright green)