Day 81

South Boulder Creek again today except this time I tried the section that runs through Eldorado Canyon State Park and I brought Derron with me.  It was a little windy but sunny and warm with the flows being pretty low.  We started fishing just below the bridge and worked our way up.  Derron caught one after about a half hour of fishing and had a couple more bites.  Meanwhile I had one fish come up and sniff my fly but no takers.  We move upstream over the next couple hours with neither of us landing a fish, so we decide to move downstream outside the park.

We find a nice flat section of creek and start fishing.  Derron lands another brookie while I am having zero luck and no bites.  We continue to fish and Derron pulls in his third brookie for the day as I continued my bad luck and got snagged on a branch and when I pulled back I snapped the rod in half.  That being said we call it a day and head home skunked for the second straight time on South Boulder.

Rod:  12' Iwana
Line:  3rd gen Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fly that worked:  Grasshopper(realistic olive body)