Day 84

Derron and I decided to go to Goose Creek today on what was supposed to be a sunny day with low winds.  Instead it was a sunny day and pretty windy.  Never the less, we tried the normal spots thinking we were going to have an easy day of catching fish.

Could not have been more wrong!  The creek was crystal clear and low but we could not see any fish.  We started in a hole where we knew there were fish and still had no luck.  After trying a few more spots where we normally catch fish and still having no luck we call it a day at Goose Creek to try another spot.

We end up driving to Deckers and fishing up from the bridge.  We both switch to nymphing and still have zero luck.  With no bites or sniffs and only three or four even seen throughout the day we call it quits with the double skunk and head home.   Tough day of fishing!

Rod:  Motsugo 10'
Line:  3rd Gen Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
No Fly's Worked Today