Day 133

Headed back up to Bear Creek today and figured I fish upstream from the parking lot today for a change of pace.  I arrived around 1pm and started at the same spot as yesterday on what was a very nice partly cloudy day with just a breeze.  I tie on a royal wulff to start the day, as I have had great luck with this fly over the last few times I have been here.  Once again I get shut out at the first couple of pools and start working my way upstream.

I try a couple more spots with no luck before I finally get to a spot where I get a bite.  To bad my first two bites of the day both got off.  I keep moving upstream and finally land a little brown to break the ice.  Over the next couple of hours I seem to have the same kind of luck, losing more fish than catching.

By around 4pm I am above where I normally stop fishing and have switched to a #22 full body bwo.  I stop at each spot where I think there might be a fish and I won't get hung up, and much to my surprise that was more or less the case for the first couple pools.  I keep moving  upstream having sporadic action so I decide to tie on a mosquito.  It's close to 5pm and I am above the bend heading towards the bridge.

First cast of the mosquito and I have landed another little brown.  I cast to the next pool and get another fish.  I have finally found a pattern the fish can't resist and over the next hour probably catch over ten fish.  I end the day casting in a pool with a little foam, and when the fly went into the foam I noticed a little disturbance in the foam, pulled back and landed a nice 12" rainbow.

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Fly that worked:  Mosquito, Extended Body BWO