Day 136

I had a few hours to fish before work and decided to head up to Bear Creek.  I get up there around noon and tie on a mosquito to start the day at the normal spot.  I walk up to the creek and see another fisherman so I head further upstream and start fishing in the next big opening of trees.

I cast through a number of pools and runs with no action before I decide to tie a prince nymph bead head below the mosquito.  First cast with the new setup and I have landed a 7" brown to start the day.  I move up to the downstream side of the first bridge and start casting across the run.  Two casts into it I have landed another little brown and then another.  I keep casting further and further to the far side getting a few hooks but can't get them in before I catch my fourth of the day on the far edge.  it's been about an hour since I started fishing and have caught four and hooked another four to start a beautiful day off right.

I keep moving further upstream trying a number of different holes but can't seem to land another fish.  I get a few more hookups and a ton of getting hung up on moss over the next couple hours but no more fish.  I call it a day around 3pm and head back to the car so I can get ready for work later.

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Fly that Worked:  Prince Nymph Bead Head #20