Day 137

Spent a few hours on Bear Creek again today.  I nice surprise was seeing Jason Klass on the way up at a pullout taking some pictures of his new rods.  He had been up there earlier and was doing some rod reviews and was just finishing his day as I was getting started.  We shot the shit for a few minutes before we parted ways and I headed up to Lair o' Bear Park.

I start the day at the normal spot with the creek to myself.  I tie on a midge and casts through the first two pools with no action.  I move downstream of a log and can see a fish to cast to.  I cast a little to the right of it and can see it move but not chase the fly.  Next cast is right over it's head and it comes up and sips it in.  I wait a second then set the hook and I have caught my first fish of the day.  I felt kinda bad after pulling it in and seeing it only had one eye.

Moving upstream and fishing each hole as I come across it, I am getting no action so I decide to tie on a black beauty and do a little nymphing.  Not my favorite way of fishing but first cast in I got a bite but could not land it.  This continued to be the way the day would go for the next hour or so.  With no more fish and a few hooks I decide to move downstream of the parking lot.

I start fishing at the first bench and get nothing through the first two runs and try the upstream pool.  Two casts in and I have landed a little rainbow for the second fish of the day. I keep casting through the same area and boom, I have landed another a little brown.  I try the same run again and get another hook but get tangled on some braches and it comes off.

 I move downstream to the bridge getting a few more bites but no fish landed before I call it day around 4pm and head back to the car.  On the way I see some deer to finish the day off right.

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Flies that worked:  Midge, Black Beauty