Day 134

Got up to Bear Creek early for the first time in forever to meet Graham Moran of Tenkara Grasshopper, and fellow Tenkara angler.  After introducing ourselves we headed to the creek and started fishing just below the parking lot.

I started at the first break in trees and Graham went down a little further.  I tie on a mosquito and casts to the first couple pools but don't get any action. I move into the middle and cast upstream into a good size pool.  after about five casts I get a 9" brown to sip the fly and I have landed the first fish of the day.

We continue to move downstream hitting a few different spots with no luck for either of us when finally we get to just before the bridge and I get another 10" brown and a full body bwo.  Graham has landed a little brown himself  but has not had a lot of action for the morning.  I fish just below the bridge in the far side pool and hook another brown that gets off right at my feet.  We decide to move upstream and see if our luck increases.

We get to the spot with the pool and big log and start casting, Graham at the pool and I tried the log.  I cast to the near pool just above the log and on my sixth or seventh cast I get a bite and land my third fish of the day.  We keep moving upstream with Graham having no luck at all and only having moderate success myself catching a couple more just above the first bridge.

We have fished our way up to just short of the second bridge by 1pm where I take a break and watch Graham fish his last hole before taking off.  Had a great time fishing with Graham, to bad the fishing gods were not with him today.

I continue fishing upstream hitting a few holes on my up to the second bridge picking up another two browns in the 9" range.  I walk past the second bridge and casts to the far run just above the bridge and get a nice 10" brown on the first cast.  I decide to start walking back to the car hitting a couple of spots on the way back.  I get a little 5" in one of the pools I try before arriving at the pool and log again to finish the day.  I try the far side riffles before the log but can't get any action.  I keep casting, hitting a few different areas in front of the log when after what must have been close to twenty casts I get a a nice 11" brown to take the midge and give me my biggest fish of the day to finish off.

It's 3:30pm and I call it a day and head back to the car with a pretty good day of catching fish and a great day of fishing with a new friend!

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Flies that worked:  Full Body BWO, Midge, Mosquito