Clear Creek in late winter

Had the day off and the weather was sunny and mid 50's so I drove up to Clear Creek to see how the fishing was.  I start out at a spot past Huntsman Gulch that seemed to get a little more sun than most areas.  With no bug action on the surface I try my hand at nymphing for the day.  I tie on a parachute adams as a indicator and a pheasant tail below and start casting threw the pools.  After about ten minutes with no action I cast into the plunge of a pool and a couple twitches later I hook my first fish.  It's only about 7" but a nice little brown in the first pool I tried.  I try three more areas where the water has pooled up but have no luck and decide to drive to a new spot.

I stop at Huntsman Gulch and find a few more areas that are open to fish.  First pool gets me nothing and I move upstream a little.  A few cast into the far side pool and I land another little brown trout.  I try a couple more pools with no luck before I pick up and move again.

After driving downstream a little I find another section still in the sun.  This section looked the most promising of the day, but to my surprise yielded no fish.  With the sun going behind the canyon walls I decide to call it a day.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  12' Nymphing line by Riggs
Fly that worked: Pheasant Tail