Clear Creek mid March

Went up to Clear Creek today on a beautiful day with just a touch of wind.  I started around noon at one of the pullouts just past tunnel 1.  I tried nyphing to begin the day and found a number of open spots that i was sure held fish, even though I could not see them.  I have no luck and decide to try a new spot further up the canyon.

I find another pullout and try my luck with nymphing again.  After fishing several holes with no luck and a couple fly changes and still no luck, I decide to move upstream again.

I stop for the third and final time at a spot I have fished many times.  I begin fishing with the nymphing rig but don't have any luck through any of the runs or pools.  I decide to try a little dry fly fishing and put on a griffiths gnat.  I cast anumber of times when I finally see a brown trout rise to check the fly out and just when I think it's going to take it, I get refused.  I try for a while longer with no luck and call it a day.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Nymphing Line 12', Traditional tenkara line 12'
Fly that almost worked:  Griffiths Gnat