Mid March on the Blue River and Clear Creek

Another brilliant day called for some more fishing and the Blue River at Silverthorne was the destination.  I get to the river around 10:00am with clear blue skies and a number of other fisherman.  I find a section to fish and start casting a mysis shrimp and size 22 emerger through the runs and pools.  After a couple hours of no luck I finally get a bite but don't set the hook good enough because it shakes off after a few seconds.  I continue casting through the same run and manage to land a nice healthy 15" or so Rainbow on the emerger.  I find a couple more fish to cast to but they are having none of it.  I change up patterns a couple of times with no luck before I call it a day and go get some lunch.

As I'm driving home I decide to stop by Clear Creek to finish off the day.  I try the pullout across from the gravel plant just downstream from I-70 and 6th.  There are a number of good pools and runs open and waiting to be fished.  I start with a griffiths gnat and cast to the slow areas.  First cast and I get not one but two bites and two refusals.  I cast a number of times through the same area with no luck before trying a different spot.  A few spots later I get another sniff before I finally get a little Brown to take the griffiths gnat.  I try a few more holes with no luck before I pick up amd drive to one last spot.

I pick a pullout above tunnel 5 that has a bunch of pools open to fish.  After the action I had above I was certain I would catch another at the new spot.  I fish fo r about a half hour or so with no action in any of the holes and decide to call it quits for the day and head home.

Tough but good day of fishing!

Rods:  12' Unagi on the Blue River / 12' Iwana on Clear Creek
Lines:  12'  Hi-Vis nymphing line on the Blue / 12' Traditional tenkara line on Clear Creek
Flies that worked:  Emerger(size 22) on the Blue River, Griffiths Gnat on Clear Creek


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