Late March on Bear Creek

Spent the afternoon up at Bear Creek today to see if the fishing had picked up.  With the recent warm weather most of the creek is open at this point.  I got to the creek around 1pm with partly cloudy skies and a little breeze and started fishing just below the parking lot.

Starting the day with a tan and red Kebari I tied,  I cast through a few different runs and pools with no action and decide to move downstream and see if the fish are biting there.  New spot same as the old, so I decide to switch up flies and tie on a midge and rs2.  I cast through a couple pools and runs with no luck before I get to the corner pool area. 

I quietly come up on the first pool and cast into the slack water.  Not two seconds later I see the midge go down and I have landed my first fish of the day, a little 6" brown on the rs2.  I move to the corner section and start casting through the runs.  I hook a couple but they both quickly shake loose and I can now see fish feeding on the surface.  I continue to move between three area around the corner and manage to catch three more including a rainbow.

After a few hours I move upstream to try my luck at a few of my favorite spots.  Just as I had hoped I land another brown on the midge after a couple casts through the pool by the log.  I go through a few of my favorite spots avoiding the other anglers as much as possible with no luck before I call it a day around 6pm and head back to the car with a good day of fishing in the bag.

Rod:  Motsugo 9' 5/5
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Flies that worked:  Midge, RS2


  1. For the real artist there is no bad weather, for the the tenkara angler no bad fishing! Moreover, that fishing has been very successful!

    1. If you get out to fish, you have had a good day!


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