Boulder Creek with Mark

Headed up to Boulder Creek with Mark today on a beautiful day.  The flows were low and clear and the fish were spooky.  We both figure on an all dry fly day and tie on a amy's ant for Mark and a pmx for myself.  We drive up canyon and pick a few different spots to try throughout the day.

We start below Boulder falls at a pullout and work our way upstream for myself and downstream for Mark.  It does not take long and I am into some fish.  Over the next couple hours I land a half dozen fish or so and have a number of near misses and hooks but no fish.  Mark having about the same luck as I was caught a few and had a ton of action.

We decide to head upstream of the falls next, but when we got to the creek the water water level was really skinny.  Despite the low water we give it a try and work ourselves away from each other.  Mark continues to get a lot of action while my action has kinda died off.  After walking downstream without much luck I decide to head upstream of Mark to see if my luck will change.  I manage to land a couple more before we pick up again and head downstream below the falls again.

We find another pullout just below the falls to finish the day.  This section was just a series of plunge pools giving us plenty of chances to land holding fish.  We both catch a few more fish before we call it a day with around ten fish each.

Another great day on the water with a buddy!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line
Flies that worked:  Amy's Ant, PMX