Half day on Clear Creek

Decided to spend the day in the mountains and headed up to Clear Creek below Empire to start the day off.  I tried the same section as last time but when I got to the creek the water was a little higher and a little more colored.  I cast through the first few holes with no luck, so I decide to put on a trailing fly to the Parachute Adams I was using.  I tie on a zug bug and two casts in I get a little brown to take it for the first fish of the day.  I continue with this set up all the way up and manage to catch two more little browns, one on each fly.  With the action being slow I decide to call it at this spot and check out some other areas.

I drive up to Georgetown to check out the creek above the lake, but when I get there, I find a handful of fisherman have beaten me to the area.  I drive back down to Idaho Springs and decide to drive up Chicago Creek on the road up to Mt. Evans.  The creek is mostly private and very narrow with a lot of overhanging brush.  On top of that the grade at which it is coming down below echo lake is a little to steep to fish.  That being said, it was a pretty drive and found a nice section of the creek to photograph before heading back down to Clear Creek to fish.

I try a section above Idaho Springs I have tried a few times before to finish off my fishing for the day.  This section is mostly far side slack water and a couple of plunge pools.  I get a couple bites but no hookups until I tie on a PMX and entice a little brown to take it as I twitch it.  I try a couple more holes with no luck before I call it a day and head back to the car.

Before heading home I decide to get some dinner and then head up to Dinosaur Ridge to take some night time pictures of Golden.  Ended up being a good finish to a good day.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line
Flies that worked:  PMX, Zug Bug, Parachute Adams