Good day on the Big Thompson

Headed up to the Big Thompson River with Mark on a sunny but windy day to try our luck.  We started the day off in the Canyon and finished the day in Moraine Park.  The water was low and clear and thankfully there were not very many anglers. 

We start at a spot we have fished before in the canyon and had good luck.  I tie on a parachute Adams followed by a midge and start working myself upstream.  I can see fish everywhere and some of the feeding on the surface but just can't seem to get them to eat anything.  After trying a handful of different patterns and techniques with no luck I walk back downstream to find Mark. Mark caught a couple but we decide to try the park and see if the fishing will pick up.

As we pull up to Moraine Park we can see a big herd of elk in the upper meadow and hope the wind has died down.  Sadly the wind was as strong as ever but we start working ourselves upstream towards the elk.  I try many patterns and fish a number of spots before I finally get a bite on a extended body bwo.  I fish the next hole and pull out two more before moving upstream to the next hole and pull out another two.  By this time I have walked to the upper meadow and decide to head back downstream to find Mark.  Having a little less luck Mark only gets one out of here.
We decide to finish the day off in the canyon and try a couple spots but don't get anything.  After a long day of fishing we call it and head back to the car with another great day of fishing in hand.
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that worked:  Extended body BWO