Slow day of fishing on the Big T

After having a good day the day before Mark and I decide to head back up to Rocky Mountain N.P. and try our luck again.  This time we start by fishing a section of North St. Vrain Creek and finish off in the canyon after fishing Moraine Park.  Sadly the wind from yesterday had only got stronger and the wind must have been 25mph with gusts well above that.

We start the day on a beautiful section of water and start working ourselves upstream.  I had fished a tiny part of this before with Derron but have not been back since.  With the winds howling the fishing was tough and neither of us pick up a fish on the North St. Vrain so we decided to move to the park.
This time when we get to Moraine Park we decide to fish the upper meadow and work ourselves downstream.  I walk a ways downstream but can't get any bites until finally a little brown takes the bwo right next to the bank.  Mark meanwhile has picked up five on his nymph rig.  With the winds picking up we decide to try the canyon and head downstream.
We pick a spot a little further downstream than yesterday and find a nice section where it seems the wind has died down considerably.  I am still fishing dries but just can't seem to get a fish to bite so I decide to put the rod away and take out the camera to get some pictures.  Mark meanwhile is pulling in fish on the mighty might nymph he picked up at Kirks Fly Shop.  By the end of the day Mark has caught an additional ten fish while I managed just the one for the day.
Slow start but a great finish and as always just nice to be in the mountains!
Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that worked:  Extended Body BWO, Mighty Might, Parachute Adams