South Platte River

Headed back to the South Platte for a couple hours before the heat of the day set in.  I get to the river around 9:30 and fish to about 11:30.  I end up fishing my favorite spot first and finishing on another spot I really like.  I tie on a chubby chernobyl down to a bead head zug bug and start working through the area.  It doesn't take long before I have a couple little rainbows in hand from the zug bug, but can't seem to get a fish on the dry.  I continue upstream catching a couple more on the zug bug before I finally get a fish to take the chubby.  I end up switching to a Amy's Ant on top for the remainder of the day and on que a big brown takes the amy's for the last fish of the day.  The second area shut me out and I called it a day.  Good to get out!