Day 1

My first day of fly fishing was in the Deckers area on the South Platte River in the middle of March. I went with my brother Derron, who has some experience and our friend Mark, who has been fishing his whole life.

The rod I chose was a Tenkara rod, Iwana 12', which for those of you unfamiliar with these rods are telescoping poles with no reel. You attach a line between 10' and 14' add a tippet and fly and your ready to fish.

Mark set me up on the first day with eggs, a weight and a indicator to try out nymphing. For the first couple of hours I am just learning how to cast, drift, and just overall how to handle my Tenkara rod. With no luck I decide to take a break, have a drink and a snack. Refreshed I wade back into the river and start fishing. I then notice my line moving unnaturally down stream and pull up and back on the pole, Fish On! There is not much of a fight and I pull it to the rocks, missed it's mouth and hooked it in it's side. A very respectable 11" rainbow for my first fish.

The rest of the day went by without catching another fish. All together a great first day of fishing, family, friends and my first fish. Did I mention I was the only one to catch a fish all day!