Day 7

It's now the middle of April and getting nicer, so Mark, Derron and myself set out on a Friday about noon. We decided to try Bear Creek, at the Lair of the Bear open space park just outside of Morrison.

We headed up the creek and each picked out spots and started leap frogging pass ourselves to the next spots. The creek has a lot bushes and trees which made it tough to cast for me. I walk down the trail a half mile or so and find a nice pool with no bushes and only one tree next to it. I start casting with the set up of a large parachute adams and a small bwo into this foamy pool and after about 8 casts, an 8" brook is landed on the large parachute adams.

I walk back down to where Mark and Derron are to find that Derron has also landed a fish. I watch Mark and Derron fish some more when Mark gets his first fish.

Throughout the day I end up losing 5 flies in the trees and bushes which became fairly frustrating and limiting my effort late in the day.

Mark ends up pulling out 4 more fish on four different flies late in the day and Derron gets one more little 5" trout. We stay until dusk and come back to the car with elk feeding nearby, love Colorado.