Day 9

It was a beautiful day once again so Mark and myself decided to fishing for the back half of the day. We decided to go to Clear Creek at the first tunnel again to start the day. After spending 30 minutes or so with no luck and not seeing any activity we decided to drive upstream towards Idaho Springs.

We start walking down to the stream at our new spot and immediately see fish in the first pool and know we made the right decision. Mark caught one in no time at all while I was not having much luck. This was fairly frustrating since I knew there were fish where I was casting and still getting no bites. I move a little farther down stream and finally land one on a Pre-Morning Dun. It ends up being a small 8" brookie, but a fish is a fish.

I try a few other spots with no luck and head back to where we came in. As before, I can see fish right below me and start casting right over them. This time I can see the fly drift right over three different fish but no takers. I switch up flies and try so more and get a bite but end up not setting the hook and the fish got off. Mark gets one more and we call it day. Of coarse not before wading back across the creek and almost dunking myself. Good day!