Day 4

I had a day off during the week and decided to go to Clear Creek. I had done a little research and found a few spots to fish. When I got to the canyon I decided to fish at the first tunnel. It was another beautiful day and because Clear Creek is so close, I started my fishing around 1pm.

I was fishing alone for the first time and decided to throw a blue winged olive again. After fishing for about an hour I come across this little pool under a tree and start casting. This area looks like it should have fish, is what I am thinking. Ten casts in and I finally get a bite. I yank back and up and the hook is set, Fish On! I walk it back to the rocks and unhook it, set it next to my pole and get my camera/phone out to take a picture. As I open the camera up it tells me I do not have enough battery power to operate the camera. I ended up catching a 7" brook or brown, I cant be sure, and releasing it without a picture. I fished for a couple of more hours with no luck and headed home.

So in the previous days I Had been giving Derron grief over not having caught a fish around me, and how he probably had not caught any fish, and what I needed was a photo for proof. I get home and Derron asks if I caught anything and I tell him one. He asks to see the picture of it, when I cringe and tell him my camera would not work. He proceeds to give me crap for the next few minutes with a giant grin on his face.

He asks how big was the fish and I tell him, "I can't believe it fit in the river"!

P.S. As I am new to fishing, what I thought was a bwo was actually a parachute adams that I was fishing