Day 6

First time fishing the Poudre River and what a day it was. Mark took Derron and myself to a spot he has been fishing since he was a kid with his grandfather, and all I can say is grandpa knows his spots.

Mark tells me to start in this area between rocks and shows me spots up and down the river. I choose to start down river for what reason I don't know. Mark starts in the spot he said I should try and Derron up from him. I start casting when I hear Mark and see that he has landed a fish already. I continue fishing when not 5 minutes later Derron has a fish, Mark has a fish. I continue in my area and start casting to the far side of a rock when I get a hit, but unfortunately could not hook it. During this time Derron has caught one more and I was the only one not catching anything. They were fishing with nymphs and I was on a bwo which could have been the difference, but I did get a bite. I come up to where Mark and Derron are and take a break for a while. Derron wants to try out my rod and starts fishing in the same area he has been. Not five casts into it and he has landed a 11" rainbow with my rod and marks fly. We each get a third of the credit right?

We move to the wild trout section of the Poude River and fish it for about a hour with no fish for anyone and then return to the previous spot.

Round two begins by mark tying on a big parachute adams(size 12 I think) to my tippet and then tied a bwo size 16 off the adams fly. Not only did this double my chances but with the bigger fly that I could finally see It was easy to tell when the fish were striking. Derron moves to a new spot up steam and I move into his old spot, while Mark fishes his same hole. I cast out to a little eddy and not to many casts in a fish hits the bwo, which I only noticed because the adams went down. I pull it to the rocks and have landed my first fish of the day, a 12" raindow. Then I look over and Mark has pulled one out. We both continue in our own areas and catch two more apiece before we call it a day and go get Derron who has caught four more on wolly buggers in the same time.

Fifteen fish for the group( three by me, first multi-fish day) made for a great day of fishing with Mark and my bro.