Day 64

Waterton Canyon opened up today so Derron and I tried it out.  The water was low and there were quite a few people fishing, but the weather was decent and there was very little wind to deal with.  We walk up past the first dam a ways and end up passing a herd of bighorn sheep along the way.

We fish for a few hours, not seeing any fish or getting any action.  At this point I telescope the pole down and put it away, and take out my camera.  I wade across the river to take some pictures of Derron, when on the way back I spook a fish.  The fish runs in between two rocks and my foot and gets trapped.  I fumble around trying to grab it and end up on my knees before I finally catch it.  First fish of the year, no fly , no line, no rod!

Rod: 12' Iwana
Line:  10 1/2' Traditional Tenkara
Flies that worked:  none
What did work:  MY HANDS


  1. Kevin I think your taking this ulta light fishing just a bit too far!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice pictures, are the bighorns a danger to you?

    Best Wishes.

    1. One more like this and I'm selling the gear! I have never seen bighorn sheep in the wild before, but these were on the road with people just walking, biking and cars driving by them without them getting spooked at all(but logic tells me to be careful).


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