Day 68

It was a beautiful day and Bear Creek was calling.  I started the day around 1:30pm and decided to go up from the parking lot to try the usual spots.  I walked past the spot where my brother had good luck last time he was here( somebody already there) and head to my favorite stretch.  I get in the creek to start casting and spook two fish as I wade into the middle.  Even though I spooked two fish I took It as a good sign that I saw two fish before I started.  After a couple of hours of fishing and no fish I decided I was wrong about the seeing fish was a good sign and take a little break and walk downstream of the parking lot.

I tie on a parachute adams(that I tied last night) and a egg and start to fish a couple of nice deep runs that I'm sure hold fish.  After a bunch of casts to the near run with no luck I switch to the far side by a ice shelf.  With a dozen more casts I finally get a bite and land a nice 12" Brown on the parachute adams.  First fish caught on a fly that I tied(grinning ear to ear)!  I try a few more spots with no luck and call it a great day around 5:30pm and pack it up.

Rod: Motsugo 10'
Line:  13' Traditional Tenkara
Fly that worked:  Parachute Adams(Tied by yours truly)
Flow:  22cfs


  1. Good stuff, Kevin. I take it you were fishing dries, I myself had so far only two trout come up to my dry this year on Bear Creek. With the flows so low, there is a chance they are looking up but right now the BWO are getting very busy under water so you might try a WD40 or RS2 (no flash/mercury, just feather fluff) as a dropper. That has worked like a charm so far.

    1. Thanks, I will try that setup next time.

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